Hi, My name is Domenica and I’m a foodaholic. (Hiiii Domenicaaa)

Really though, ever since I had my first piece of sushi, which was at the ripe age of 6, I fell in love with food… all food.  Over the years, my eating habits for the most part remained consistent in the sense that I would indulge in full-flavored foods for pleasure first and satiety second.  Recently, I began studying Nutrition. As I aspire to become a Registered Dietitian, I now eat a bit more wisely without sacrificing much at all.

Although things for me have changed quite a bit since I’ve dedicated myself to living, eating, and breathing nutrition, my taste for palatable pleasure has not subsided.  My eating habits still thrive on cravings and desire.  What has changed is my indulgence.  Moderation was never easy an easy practice for me, but it has become a learned behavior, mainly out of necessity.  It’s a matter of disease prevention and reducing our footprint on the environment.

Most of us have our own reasons to seek and apply moderation to our lives, specifically to our diets. There is one more selfish excuse I personally like to use on a day-to-day basis for my own compliance, and that’s for the more profound appreciation and celebration of food and drink.

With a sudden career change and a round-the-clock schedule, money and time are of the essence.  With that, dining out is a luxury, one that I am more than willing to splurge on for the infrequent but worthwhile experience!

Although my youthful days of splurging have been slightly comprised (but in the end, for a much higher value), I always make sure that my dining in experiences are nothing less than ordinary.  I’m a working student, on a tight budget, with no formal culinary training, but somehow I eat well.  And by well, I mean meals that are healthy, delicious and full of flavor.

Did I forget to mention what I do for a living? Well, I teach. Hence, the theme of this website.  Instructions from the Appetite 101: intended to feed your mind with simple ways to improve your diet with fresh takes on food, nutrition and cooking.

Learn on and share your food smarts with me as well!

In Good Health,

Domenica Toscani, DTR



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