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Kids in the Kitchen

They say a healthy family starts in the home. Moreover, involving children in mealtime practices help to develop healthy food preferences and good eating habits. This summer, keep your kids busy and turn cooking into a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together!

How do you get your kids interested in helping with dinnertime? Rule number one: “do play with your food!”

What better way to encourage kids to eat their vegetables than by having them play with and prepare them, too? Ask your children to shape their food into different objects or encourage them to make their plate colorful like the rainbow.

 When deciding on a kid-friendly recipe, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Boost nutrition: Challenge your kids to include many different-colored produce (for a variety of nutrients), in a salad or when making kabobs!
  • Keep it simple: Pick recipes that have fewer steps and ingredients. “Ants on a Log” is an old favorite and as simple as can be, with only peanut butter, raisins and celery as ingredients!
  • Make it fun: Kids will surely enjoy mashing, pounding, tearing, rolling, squeezing, and ripping with their hands rather than using a fancy kitchen tool.
  • DIY Meals: Have your kids make foods that require choosing their own toppings, like a pizza or a breakfast parfait. Think age-appropriate, “hands-on,” approaches. The more interactive, the better!

“No-cook” Veggie Kabobs


Makes: Approximately 10 kabobs

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes


  • 1 cup grape tomatoes
  • 1 large cucumber, sliced into ½-inch thick pieces
  • 1 bell pepper, cut into 1-inch thick pieces
  • ½ onion, quartered
  • 3 ounces mozzarella cheese, cut into ½-inch thick pieces


  1. Assemble kabobs onto plastic straws.
  2. Serve plain or with low fat vegetable dip!

Nutrition Facts Per Serving: 40 Calories, 2 g Fat (1 g Sat), 55 mg Sodium, 6.5 mg Cholesterol, 3.5 g Carbohydrate, 1 g Fiber, 2.5 g Protein

Article originally published on the Pathmark Wellness Blog



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