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New Year’s Entertaining

Let the countdown begin! It’s time to wrap up the year 2011 and I can’t wait to have one last holiday hurrah with family and friends. What do I plan to do? I’ll start by trading in my bulky Christmas sweater, super sweet eggnog and pine-laden wreaths for shimmering sequins, bubbling champagne and confetti! This … Continue reading

Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Shallots

Makes: 6 servings Total Time: Approximately 45 minutes  Ingredients: 1 pound yellow potatoes, peeled and quartered 1 pound sweet potatoes, peeled and quartered ¾ cup low-fat milk 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon chili powder 2 cups shallots, thinly sliced 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Directions: Heat oil over low-medium heat in a nonstick saucepan and add … Continue reading

Butternut Squash & Pomegranate Wheatberry Salad

Makes: 8 Servings Prep: 20 minutes Total Time: 1 hour Ingredients: 1 cup wheat berries, rinsed 1 package chopped butternut squash 2 medium sized apples 1 Pomegranate 1 large orange Directions: 1. Bring three cups of lightly salted water and wheat berries to a boil. Reduce to low heat and cook uncovered for about an … Continue reading

Shredded Root Vegetable & Apple Slaw

Shredded Root Vegetable and Apple Slaw   Makes: 6 servings Total Time: 30 minutes Cost: $9.76 total recipe/$1.63 per guest   Ingredients: 1½ cups red cabbage, shredded 1 cup carrot, shredded (~2 large carrots) 1 cup parsnip, shredded (~2 medium parsnips) 1½ cups apples, cored and sliced thin (~2 small apples) 1 teaspoon dried parsley ¼ cup red … Continue reading

Pepper Roasted Pork Loin

Pepper Roasted Pork Loin Makes: 6 servings Total Time: Approximately 90 minutes Cost: $11.97 total recipe/ $1.99 per guest   Ingredients: 3 pound boneless pork loin roast 1-2 tablespoons cracked black pepper 2 teaspoons salt Directions: Rub pepper and garlic salt onto all surfaces of pork roast. Place pork in a shallow pan and roast in a 350 … Continue reading

Christmas Feast for Under One Hundred Dollars

I usually find that there is a running theme to all budgeting advice. At the risk of sounding redundant, here it is: plan ahead! Planning ahead is an effective way to prevent impulse buys when preparing to host a holiday dinner. Make lists, know your guests’ preferences, buy ingredients fresh and utilize store specials to … Continue reading

Successful Menu Planning for Entertaining

It’s the holiday season and the most wonderful time of year to celebrate the joys of family tradition and merriment. Gathering over delicious eats and festive cocktails is what many of us look forward to (in addition to that whole gift giving thing). If you were selected host of this year’s Holiday party, you may … Continue reading

McDonald’s Takes a “Fresh” Take in New Ad


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A Call to Action!! Petition to include RDs in Obesity Treatment

Recently, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services recognized obesity as a medical condition worthy of health coverage; however, the decision has left Registered Dietitians out of the care plan. The collaborative efforts of Primary Care Physicians and RDs, experts specialized in medical nutrition therapy, are necessary in fighting the epidemic. Again, it only takes … Continue reading